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Mar 19, 2011 7:00pm EDT
the transportation security administration's risk base driven approach to aviation security and specifically the use of advanced imaging technology. as a chief technology officer, i will focus on the aspects and lee will discuss the human aspect. bere going into detail, the technology is vital to the nation's ability to keep travelers safe in the 9/11 world. we face a determined enemy bent on our way of life. they arrested a man planning an attack on the dc subway system and a young saw disrespectful frankly -- saudi man was arrested. whether it was a failed attack in 2009, the plot in october, or the intelligence plots we see every day, al-qaeda and intelligence groups continue to target our system. we have to detect today's threat, not yesterday's. we have a able system that works in several measures. one aspect of the check point is what we're hear to discuss today. mr. chairman, well hidden devices are among the gravest threat to security. while there's no sell veer bullet, this gives us the best opportunity to detect the threats. we piloted the technology in early 2007 knowing of these threats
Mar 12, 2011 7:00pm EST
are about to push for repatriation of profits overseas. they say that is money that could be used to stimulate the economy. when you look what happened last time, by and large it went to shareholders and dividend payouts. what is your take on repatriation >> we need to be more competitive. i asked the head of microsoft and he talked about those issues. we have to make an issue -- a decision to expand somewhere. you do it with the money is. it is hard to go to your shareholders who you are obligated to take care of and say we are going to take 25% it and bring the money -- the money here. i think all that matters. i concur that maybe it did not go into reinvestment. but without the shareholders, someone is paying capital gains taxes on that. that is money on the mark when -- in the marketplace. i would rather have it here in the form of dividends to shareholders than held offshore and never use in america. >> congressman greg walden. thank you. >> sunday on "washington journal," laura meckler discusses a bill to fund the federal government through september. and the cato institute
Mar 5, 2011 7:00pm EST
ashcroft could be held personally liable for the detention of an american was numb. the u.s. citizen -- an american citizen. the u.s. citizen claims he was held against his will on charges of having terrorist ties that could not be proven. justice kagan did not participate in this case. >> we'll hear argument next this morning in case 10-98, ashcroft v. al-kidd. general katyal. >> thank you, mr. chief justice, and may it please the court: this lawsuit seeks personal money damages against a former attorney general of the united states for doing his job, allegedly with an improper motive, yet the attorney general, like the federal prosecutor in idaho who sought the material witness warrant at issue in this case, was performing the functions of his office. there are three reasons why the petitioner should not be personally liable for money damages. the first is because the prosecutor's act of seeking the material witness warrant is integrally associated with the judicial process and entitled to absolute immunity. to view it any other way is to expose both line prosecutors and high offic
Mar 26, 2011 7:00pm EDT
a competitor there is little incentive to innovate within the network. they are using mobile wireless for communications, businesses, and more people are relying on the broad than market, whether this is economic reasons. and whether there is a combined entity. >> there is the expectation that this merger is going to result in a lot of job losses. do you have any estimation about what this would be, -- >> we will be looking at this carefully. >> we will have the rich will have to ensure the employment of these workers. when at&t and cingular came together, and then they purchased centennial. we saw the increase in occupational employment and membership. we will be watching this closely. we care about this and these are the things that we pay attention to. >> if this deal is approved, to you think that this will be crafted in a way where the conditions will be satisfactory. >> right now there is a lot more information on the way. the way that we could feel right now, this would eliminate some of the harm that i have spoken about. there will be layoffs and what will happen after the me
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4